Bristol Garden Design


Your own little pocket of paradise

Gardens come in all sizes and shapes but they all have the opportunity to become a little haven, an area of joy, peace and tranquillity.

At Symbol Gardens, we work with our clients to make their garden their own area of paradise whatever their requirements are.

From large sprawling lawns to water features and firepits, designated seating areas or raised vegetable patches, each garden design is unique.

We specialise in Bath and Bristol garden design works.

Bristol Garden Design flowers and plants in pots

Bath and Bristol Garden designs that look at the bigger picture

Our garden designs are created by stepping back and reviewing the surroundings of the site and the structure of the buildings along with the areas needs and opinions of the client.

We try to be as creative as possible but not forgetting the practical aspect of a garden and its uses such as access to light, soil type or how the gardens would grow.

‘Personal, Creative and Unique’

Our team are different to others as we will always look for clever ways to minimise the views of the practical nature of a garden such as sheds, storage, and washing lines. We’ll also consider the textures, colours and smells that all contribute to making the garden perfect.

Working alongside the client, we’ll help form a brief of what’s required, how it can be achieved and how the garden design can be maintained for future growth.

Curved planting wall Bristol Garden Design
Curved planting wall Bristol Garden Design
Bristol Garden design white wall with ball bay trees and fencing
Large lawn for Bristol Garden Design

How it works

When you contact us about your garden design project, we’ll organise an initial consultation visit. We meet with you and survey the outdoor space to get a feel for the space we’re potentially going to be working with, creating and enhancing and you can see who we are in person.

Sometimes the designs can go in a slightly different direction to what was initially considered as we bring our vision, knowledge and experience about what is actually achievable – it’s often to the client’s delight as we give them more options and heightened designs than they thought was possible.

From there, we’ll go back and draw up the proposed garden designs, and potential materials and send them to you, and if you’re happy to proceed, get you booked in at a time that works for us both.

The team will work meticulously to bring your vision to life and create an outdoor space that stand the test of time.

Our Smallest Project

Our smallest garden design has been creating a bridge that spans over a two-metre-wide stream. The clients gave us free rein and so we designed a bridge over the water bringing together two separate areas of the garden.

The client was blown away and delighted.

Bristol Garden Design bridge over water

Our Biggest Project

We had access to a 50-acre plot in the Mendips that was to be transformed from a simple field to a fantastic nature reserve for children to admire and learn about.

We installed native trees and plants and created habitats (including ponds) with slopes and windbreakers to encourage wildlife.

Landscape construction Bristol design plans and Bristol Garden Design