Cotswold Stone Garden in Litton

A client in the Litton area came to us and asked if we could help complete an inspired Cotswold Stone garden transformation.

What Symbol Gardens Did...

Within the initial meeting, the client identified to us that they had an issue with the noisy road right outside the front of their house and that they would like a way to reduce this noise whilst still keeping the garden pretty with minimal upkeep and maintenance.

Following a consultation period which included producing multiple design options, showing suitable materials and site visits, the client selected their favourite garden design and the work was booked in.

The client selected Cotswold Stone garden materials (supplied by Bowland Stone) to ensure the works matched the look and feel of the property which is also cladded in the same masonry material.

Firstly, we created a large sunken garden area using their selected Cotswold Stone garden material that was to be surrounded and filled with rows of beautiful plant beds. The seating area created in the middle of this sunken space could be reached by the beautifully laid steps that used the same stone materials.

For the pathways surrounding the feature area, antique yellow limestone was selected for the paving areas to clearly distinguish the walkway.

Iroko timber was used to make permanent floating seating and a bespoke powder-coated pergola was installed to add to the aesthetics and provide height to break up the works.

The client requested we use plants that would encourage wildlife to enter the garden and bring colours throughout the year.

To top the design off, Symbol Gardens installed some estate boundary fencing to help define the entrance to the property from the garden itself.

The work took around eight weeks from start to finish.

Client Testimonial